Author: Fergal Flannery

Into the Mountains

The Dublin Mountains’ sounds impressive, but are in reality a misnomer for two reasons. Firstly, they are only barely within Dublin County, their spine demarcating the boarder between it and Wicklow County, with its wild and wind swept scenery. And secondly, theres not a single mountain to be found there. With only a handful of peaks over 500 metres the Dublin Mountains are hardly alpine, but rather hills. However it would be a mistake for a cyclist of any level to understate them, for they are hills with attitude!

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North City History Tour

There are a great host of fascinating historical sights just north of Dublin’s center, and often are seldom seen by visitors to the city. Cycling is an ideal way to visit these attractions without much difficulty, as many are within only a few kilometers of each other.

This is a route where you will spend considerably more time off the bike rather than on it, so remember as with any populous city, a good lock is essential (if not two!).

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Phoenix Park

At almost 2,000 acres, the Phoenix Park is one of the worlds largest city parks. Established in the 17th Century, the park has maintained its atmosphere of rural tranquility despite being in the very heart of the city, and contains a whole host of attractions.

From the city centre it is a short direct route to the Parks main entrance. Although this is only a short distance, care should be taken as there are no dedicated cycle lanes and it is an area that suffered from heavy traffic congestion. Once the park is reached however, a cyclist of any experience level will find an extremely safe environment with a great number of cycle lanes entirely separated from traffic. This is an environment for children to cycle in safety.

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