There’s certainly more to Ireland than Dublin, and every county in the country contains a multitude of enjoyable cycling routes.

The Western coast possesses the lion’s share of Irelands most rewarding touring country, and no better introduction to the inspirational scenery and rich cultural history than the tourist mecca of Killarney

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Into the Wilderness

The Dublin Mountains merely hints at the wild and epic country that lies just beyond their modest peaks.

County Wicklow is a land shrouded in mystery and drama, a vast and at times uninviting landscape that hides havens of rare beauty in its dark woods and wild bleak moors.

It is a primordial place, exposed to the harshest of elements, where howling winds can transform the landscape from that of a haunting Celtic Twilight to the gothic imaginings of Edgar Allen Poe in a matter of moments.

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The Waterways

Irelands canals were the motorways of the 19th Century. They were an extraordinary engineering feat that allowed for goods to be transported to and fro from the capital city to the bustling port of Limerick on the west coast, making safe and reliable a route that previously risked shipwreck on the rugged Atlantic coastline. In time the railways made the waterways redundant, and by the 1960’s the had fallen to complete dereliction and abandonment.

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